Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)

Appearance & Features:

Dust mites are almost impossible to see by the naked eye as they are only 1/75th inches in length.


The primary diet of dust mites is dead skin shed from humans and animals, along with dried protein based products (rather than products that contain any kind of moisture as they are proficient at absorbing moisture from the air).  Populations are generally found in beds due to the abundance of human skin particles but they can also be found living in carpets, textile based furniture and clothing.

Populations can escalate rapidly in humid months.

Threats to humans:

Dust mite skin castings and droppings can cause allergies to people which tend to be a respiratory constrictionm - which is a common sympton of asthma.  Other symptoms can include itchy, watery eyes with 50% - 80% of asthmatic symptoms are caused by dust mites.


A HEPA filter vacuum should be used frequently on all areas.  Bed linen should also be changed frequently.  Good ventilation and low humidity can reduce population growth by opening windows and using de-humidifiers.  Dust mite mattress covers can also be helpful.  Asthmatics should avoid playing on carpeted areas to avoid contact with mites and casings.

What will Omega
do for me?

Omega will conduct a thorough survey of your premises in order to establish the reason for the infestation and then determine the likely source.

Once the source is established, recommendations will be made in order to prevent the infestation reoccurring whilst a treatment programme for the existing infestation will be put in place.

No billable work will be undertaken without your consent.