Mice (Mus domesticus) - House Mouse

Appearance & Identifying Features:

House mice are light brown or light gray in colour with large ears, pinted nose and small eyes.  Sizes range from 3 to 4 inches long. They can also be identified by their small rod-shaped droppings.


House mice generally live indoors but can also survive outdoors in sheltered areas.  They are known to share nests and can breed throughout the year.

Threats to humans:

There's a serious risk to children as allergies are known to be caused by micro droplets of mouse urine. Nests can grow quickly as the population multiples and gnawing activities can cause significant damage to furniture. Mouse droppings can contaminate food and other materials in your home and there's an added risk of fire from chewing through electrical cables. Other problems associated with house mice  include the risk of fleas, mites, ticks and lice being brought into your home.

Prevention of Mice:

In order to prevent mice and other rodents from entering your home ensure that all cracks, voids and holes larger than the diameter of a pencil are sealed up.

Omen Environmental Pest Control Technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with mice from any area around your home & office, e.g.:

  • Mice in walls
  • Mice in ceiling
  • Mice under floor boards
  • Mice in kitchen
  • Mice in Hot Press

What will Omega
do for me?

Omega will conduct a thorough survey of your premises in order to establish the reason for the infestation and then determine the likely source.

Once the source is established, recommendations will be made in order to prevent the infestation reoccurring whilst a treatment programme for the existing infestation will be put in place.

No billable work will be undertaken without your consent.