Silverfish (Lespisma saccharina)

Appearance & Features:

Identifiable by the tiny silver scales that cover their body and their three tails, the Silverfish is a small wingless insect that measures up to 20mm in length.


Although Silverfish don't have wings they can run very fast. They feed off moulds and starchy products such including flour, cereals, sweet foods and also paper, wallpaper and curtains.  They can live up to a year without feeding but need to live in high humidity locations such as bathrooms, basements and attics. They move fast and are by nature nocturnal.

Threats to humas:

There is no immediate risk from Silverfish as they don't spread diseases.  But they can be a nuisance pest as they contaminate food and damage paper goods such as wall paper and books.


Silverfish thrive in damp and humid conditions so a de-humidifier can assist in prevention.  Repair any leaks and drains and remove any moudly damp wood.  Old books and magazines should be stored in air-tight containers.  In the kitchen, food items including flour, sugar and cereals should be stored in air-tight containers also.

What will Omega
do for me?

Omega will conduct a thorough survey of your premises in order to establish the reason for the infestation and then determine the likely source.

Once the source is established, recommendations will be made in order to prevent the infestation reoccurring whilst a treatment programme for the existing infestation will be put in place.

No billable work will be undertaken without your consent.